Fried Hiramasa, Yellowtail Kingfish with spinach pasta


Starter menu – 4 persons
200 grams of Hiramasa, Yellowtail Kingfish (loin preferred)

½ hour


1pc / 250gram fresh green pasta (spinach)
2 spring onions
12 cherry tomatoes / or dates tomatoes
2 carrots medium size
1 handful of pea pods
½ dl toasted kernels, preferably pumpkin
1 handful of fresh peas or other fresh shoots
2 lime or lemon
2 tbsp. olive oil
2 cloves of garlic for frying – Possibly chilli spice and ½ dl soy


The fish is cut into 4 equal pieces with skin on. Season with salt and pepper.

The vegetables are finely chopped, fried on the pan in olive oil and slices of 1 clove garlic.

The meat is roasted at the same time on a warm pan in olive oil on the skin side 6-10 min. depending on the thickness and whether you like it pink or well done. Throw garlic – thin slices on the pan and fry with the meat.

The pasta is cooked – see cooking time on the package – usually 2-4 min.

Arrange pasta first then the vegetables sprinkle with kernels and finally the meat on top, squeeze lemon / lime juice over the meat – garnish with pea shoots (other fresh shoots can also be used).

Extra chili, lime / lemon and soy on the side.

Please enjoy!
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