Maximus is located in the North-western part of Denmark. The facility has a 25 year track-record of producing high quality marine fingerlings.
 Today, Maximus produces Yellowtail fingerlings exclusively for its sister company Sashimi Royal, Denmark. All fingerling production takes place indoors in a controlled environment.

The Maximus facility is unique in that it has a large infrastructure for producing live feed (copepods) for fish larvae. This set-up ensures healthy development and fast growth of the fish.

Maximus has, as the only producer in Northern Europe, over 100 broodstock of Yellowtail that started spawning in 2015. We produce our fingerlings from our own Yellowtail eggs and grow the fish until they are ready for transport to our grow-out facility Sashimi Royal.

Maximus Board of Directors:

  • Bernt-Olav Røttingsness
  • Lars Henrik Haaland
  • Mikkel Kristian Thomsen


  • Søren Mattesen
Yellowtail fry
Live copepods which are fed to the fry
Maximus production facility
The facility

Maximus is located on 6 hectares of land on the shore of Limfjord with a seawater intake as well as a fresh water borehole. The facility has consistently produced fish free of disease and parasites for many years.

The facility includes more than 3000 m2 indoor production facilities, plus more than 35.000 m3 outdoor production tanks. The facility underwent renovation in 2015 and runs on the latest technologies in the market.

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