Update on Yellowtail fry production


Maximus received its broodstock of Yellowtail Kingfish in April 2015.  The broodstock have been held in RAS units successfully for 9 months with low stress levels and good growth.

In August, 2015 conditions for test-spawning were established. We can announce that spawning started successfully in October 2015. The broodstock have produced at steady supply of fertilized eggs since then.

Producing healthy fingerlings from kingfish is a complex process requiring live feed and tailored rearing conditions. These pre-conditions have been developed at Maximus and its specialized infrastructure. The facility is under management of Dr Bent Urup and an experienced production team.

Maximus has now successfully produced several batches of kingfish fingerlings and is working to significantly increase its yield leading up to the start of production at the grow-out facility of Sashimi Royal, Hanstholm.